Have you ever stopped and wondered of all the things that have bought you to this moment, right at this particular second in time. Every single experience that has one way or another influenced and moulded who you are today. Contemplating that journey has led me to sit here and get it all down. Before I move forward with my life I need to celebrate and evaluate my path so far, which will hopefully free me to be who I am, without fear, and without doubt. The question is where to begin? I am not the run of the mill individual who is ordered, precise and does everything by the book. Once a friend described my way of thinking as train wreck, which he actually told me, was a compliment? Strangely enough I was flattered, although now in writing this I am actually wondering why? I am unsure as to what will unfold as my fingers hit the keys, and what will actually come spewing out of my conscious and sub-conscious mind, but something will guide me. I trust in that. It will be exciting to see what happens, as has been life, as I have known it to be. Let my words free me and entertain you.





3 thoughts on “Here”

  1. Oh Karen you are an inspiration. Many times, many hours I’ve spent thinking of the life I’ve led. 

    The people who’ve loved me and I have loved. Those I’ve loved and had nothing but scorn returned, I’ll keep loving, being as vulnerable and brave as I can be. 

    So many times I’ve been consumed with fear, somehow I manage to come through it. Hopefully I’m better for the experience. 

    I too have been told I’m a train wreck although definitely not meant as a compliment. 

    I think I’m a simple person, although many believe I’m very complicated. Maybe I am? 

    The adage “what you think of me is your business, what I think of you is mine” I’d like to think I’m not affected by the opinions of others, sadly for me, I’ve discovered that i do care what others think of me. The only way I can deal with this is to repeat, often, “I can only control me”

    I’m proud of the passion I have for those who are treated unfairly, those who are despised for the colour of their skin or the faith they follow.

    I’m an atheist. That doesn’t give me any more or less rights than anyone else. If their faith sustains them who am I to judge?

    The sick, the lonely, the disabled, the poverty stricken have the same rights to clean air, water, sustenance & shelter as everyone else.

    Mariette ❤


    1. Thanks love, I’m a much better person than I’ve ever been. I’m still realising just how much I don’t know about me, humanity, our environment. I could go on and on.

      One thing I’ve always been sure of, is my intent. To do unto others etc I feel at some level, you & I are just being reacquainted with our past/future lives? Could be a whole lot of “bunkum” aka BS, as my Mum used to say, doesn’t feel like it to me. Much love to you sweet woman ❤


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