Denial. Is a perpetrator of many things. If we allow it to be commonplace then behaviours will never change. Attitudes stay the same and wrongs continue to be committed. If we don’t stand up and admit the truth of what is going on then how can we expect change to occur. This is then passed on to the next generation, and the next. Giving people the understanding that it is right to deny what is happening, if we don’t speak up, then we don’t have to accept what is happening. If we don’t speak up then we can continue to condone it behind people’s backs, behind the truth. We can totally pull apart and criticise whatever we are denying, yet still maintain our silence in any admission or exposure of this action. 

It takes a brave person to stand up and end the denial. To stand up and go against the grain of the cultural click you are a part of. Whether it be a workplace, a home, a community, a sports club. To stand up and say, “Hey, what is happening is not right. This behaviour is totally unacceptable.” Are you one of them?

You will not be heralded. You will feel alone. You will feel isolated even more so in some cases. You will feel so many emotions that are attached to the denial, that are clawing you back into that club. The guilt, the shame, the doubt. Anything to stop you from following through. Denial does not want the truth to win. It will stop at nothing. 

Stand tall. Be strong. Someone needs to set an example. Be that person. Be brave. You got this.  



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