Women face so many issues when working in Male dominated industries, and possibly one of the hardest to deal with is Isolation. Being isolated in a workplace where you are confined to for weeks at a time can even send you slightly fricken mental. Hard enough on a tug with a crew member who just eats away at your soul everyday. Arrogance, rudeness and ignorance are the qualities that I face daily. Time is the telling factor here. All my patience is all but gone.. It’s time to stand up! 



3 thoughts on “Isolation”

  1. Kaz, they have the problem not you. The day you learn to not react to their behaviour or words is the day you become invincible and they get neutered. Every time you fight back they win. Love ya.


  2. As frustrating as it is …. idiots just aren’t worth it. Let’s face it they have so much EXPERIENCE at it …. stupid is as stupid does! You’re so much smarter than lowering yourself to engage with them!


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