Seems everything is being imported these days into Australia. Not many exports going out either, unless it’s that of locals leaving their home to find a cheaper way of living in another country. Jobs are getting scarcer, the cost of living is not reducing and Perth is Australia’s most expensive city to live in. 

The government has sold us all out, preferring the option of cheap foreign labour, forcing hard working Australians out of work. What will the consequences be? Can we all survive in such an expensive economy? Unemployment is up, communities are feeling the brunt of the force as it all hits home. Will we ever recover?



One thought on “Imports”

  1. Who knows the answer to any of that? Certainly not me since the magic wand AND the crystal ball await repairs ….

    It’s up to eachabd everyone of us, not a chosen few, to get off arse & actually DO!

    Have you read about about the “Universal Basic Income?” It’s fascinating and workable. Guaranteed food & shelter … leaves people free to do whatever they love. If you want or need more, you work.


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