Reading media stories on the stoppage that is happening nationally at present with SVITZER tugs really paints an unclear picture. The many I have read are stating that nationally tug crews are striking. It is only 1/3 of the crew that is taking action and that is the engineers, following the lead of its union AIMPE. 

The issue they are stopping over is to get a single agreement in place for their work and to reduce the agreement from the 4 years put forward by the company, and agreed to by the remaining 2/3 of the crew and Their unions the MUA and the AMOU, and to lock their single agreement in a single year. 

The MUA want an EBA that will maintain the security of its workers jobs for the next 4 years and to keep the 200+ maritime workers In a job. In light of the selling out of union jobs to partnerships recently, it’s a good move. 

Over night the savage and brutal removal of seafarers from their bunks on the MV Portland only resonates this governments agenda. They want to slash wages and conditions and install a cheap workforce at the expense of Aussie jobs. Marching an Australian workforce down the gangway of a ship in the middle of the night, then marching up a foreign replacement crew, slipping the ropes and letting the disputed ship and Aussie jobs sail away under the cover of darkness sure paints a clear picture. Underhanded tactics are being used and crying out that the government will do whatever it takes to get its way! SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU! Who will be next?






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