Towage life

Back at work after 4 and 1/2 months or shoulder repair and rehabilitation… Industrial unrest in our industry and uncertainty. I am starting a daily diary of things that happen in the life of a tugboat worker. Best job in the world. 

A snapshot of events that are of concern to our jobs in the last 13 months in towage

Dec 2014 BHP brings in RIVTOW to Port Headland. Four tugs operating for Rivtow, in competition with Towage operator Teekay.

Jan 2015 – Gorgon goes out to partnerships. The company did not get a three union agreement on the table so took the harsh and ever damaging role of partnerships. 

July – SMIT pulls out of NSW and VIC ports. National officers clean up mess and redistribute crew and get redundancies. 

Nov 2015 BHP award contract to RIVTOW, TEEKAY loses contract in Headland, 229 union jobs gone. PARTNERSHIPS again.

Jan 2016 – TK and KT tugs Joint Venture advertise for Prelude job. PARTNERSHIPS.



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  1. Look forward to reading your daily writings Kaz.  Meeting up with Lyn a5 Mission Beach next week. Ex (Sydney Water )


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