Streets of Delhi

Streets of Delhi

The simple task of going to work is something that we take for granted. My job in Fremantle is a very good one, and i thank the universe and god for allowing me to have that role. For my fortune of being born into my family in Australia. For my fortune of ending up in a career that enabled me to train and become a seafarer. To be fortunate enough to have worked on the tugs in Fremantle as a casual for so long, and to have won the lotto of becoming a permanent employee in one of the most awesome ports in the world!
In comparison this person working so very hard, for a pay check that I could not imagine, yet with a pride and dedication that is missing in so many of us. This is a tribute to all the hard working men and women out there.. in every corner of the globe, in every exploited industry. You are all my heroes. I salute you.


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