Its a fragile environment headspace.
One minute it is fine, then suddenly it can become like a minefield, tricky, dangerous, uncertain.
It can take you from a light space, to the darkness of dark, very quickly at times, from happy and Joy, to a sadness so deep that it makes you wonder where it came from.
Inflicting a huge amount of pain in a millisecond that it takes your breath away.
Are you OK?




Have you ever stopped and wondered of all the things that have bought you to this moment, right at this particular second in time. Every single experience that has one way or another influenced and moulded who you are today. Contemplating that journey has led me to sit here and get it all down. Before I move forward with my life I need to celebrate and evaluate my path so far, which will hopefully free me to be who I am, without fear, and without doubt. The question is where to begin? I am not the run of the mill individual who is ordered, precise and does everything by the book. Once a friend described my way of thinking as train wreck, which he actually told me, was a compliment? Strangely enough I was flattered, although now in writing this I am actually wondering why? I am unsure as to what will unfold as my fingers hit the keys, and what will actually come spewing out of my conscious and sub-conscious mind, but something will guide me. I trust in that. It will be exciting to see what happens, as has been life, as I have known it to be. Let my words free me and entertain you.





Time has passed and have made it through a bigstorm, one of the nastiest I have yet to encounter. This was a lingering piece of work. Still throwing back weak remnants of slop.  

Best way to defeat it was to point my nose into the wind, and to ride it out..  


Denial. Is a perpetrator of many things. If we allow it to be commonplace then behaviours will never change. Attitudes stay the same and wrongs continue to be committed. If we don’t stand up and admit the truth of what is going on then how can we expect change to occur. This is then passed on to the next generation, and the next. Giving people the understanding that it is right to deny what is happening, if we don’t speak up, then we don’t have to accept what is happening. If we don’t speak up then we can continue to condone it behind people’s backs, behind the truth. We can totally pull apart and criticise whatever we are denying, yet still maintain our silence in any admission or exposure of this action. 

It takes a brave person to stand up and end the denial. To stand up and go against the grain of the cultural click you are a part of. Whether it be a workplace, a home, a community, a sports club. To stand up and say, “Hey, what is happening is not right. This behaviour is totally unacceptable.” Are you one of them?

You will not be heralded. You will feel alone. You will feel isolated even more so in some cases. You will feel so many emotions that are attached to the denial, that are clawing you back into that club. The guilt, the shame, the doubt. Anything to stop you from following through. Denial does not want the truth to win. It will stop at nothing. 

Stand tall. Be strong. Someone needs to set an example. Be that person. Be brave. You got this.  



Life is precious. Address everything as it comes. Celebrate when you have cause for celebration , laugh when you are happy, cry when you are sad. Deal with problems as they come up and not let them compound on top of each other like containers stacked on this ship. It just makes it harder to deal with and will take so much more energy and time to tackle it. 

Love life, and live it. Don’t pretend that shit isn’t going on. It is. Deal with it. Get rid of it and enjoy the stuff that u want in your life, not the shite!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 


 Women face so many issues when working in Male dominated industries, and possibly one of the hardest to deal with is Isolation. Being isolated in a workplace where you are confined to for weeks at a time can even send you slightly fricken mental. Hard enough on a tug with a crew member who just eats away at your soul everyday. Arrogance, rudeness and ignorance are the qualities that I face daily. Time is the telling factor here. All my patience is all but gone.. It’s time to stand up!